Dark Matter

Chicago, IL

Unicorn Blend

Immortal beings, rejoice! Unicorn Blood is a powerful concoction, stylized, and scrutinized to be the best all-Americana espresso we can bestow upon the planet. This cult classic highlights the quality of our partners' exceptional farming practices in Latin America rather than a roast profile. These coffees produce a sweet, syrupy, and lively experience that is worthy of the sacrifice of a mythical beast. This global phenomenon is the perfect expression and introduction to the world of our prized works.

dutch cocoapralinecherry

Machete (Barrel Aged Blend)

Marvel at Machete’s cutting edge, a deeper exploration into the world of barrel aging! Exquisitely prepared coffees from Central America are blended with the rich, complex sweetness of barrel-aged beans. The contrast between each component adds profound layers of depth and cohesion to the cup. A delightful and thought-provoking experience that slices through the tedium of industry standards.

citrusdark chocolateraspberry

Datura Inoxia (June 2021 Limited Blend)


honeylemon zestalmond

Fuego (Carbonic Maceration Bourbon)

Embracing realms of influence and experience, we have transformed our collective curiosity and abandoned conventional practices of coffee fermentation. This shamanic jaguar blazes our path forward in action, but one cannot progress these ideas without fueling the fire of psychedelegance.

black tealimebrown sugar

Aire (Vista Hermosa Pacas)

Celebrating ripening as beautiful imperfections, these coffee seeds are pulped from their skin and rested in their own sugars. With the passing of time and contact with land, they become graced with an aerial development as righteous as a flamboyance of flamingos.

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