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Colombia Elver Paya

Representing not only some of the best coffee the remote region of Gaitania, but all of Colombia has to offer, Colombia Elver Paya is one of Halfwit’s strongest South American entries to date. Full-bodied and exquisitely balanced with a malic, green apple acidity, this washed Caturra abounds with a veritable cornucopia of fruit flavors. Notes of mandarin orange, peach, and ginger sizzle through a rich torrent of caramel.

green applemandarin orangeginger

Moonbat Blend

Like it’s name suggests, we strive to make this blend a little left-of-center. We do this by combining coffees that are approachable and sweet, with just enough liveliness to keep things interesting. By using a roast profile that emphasizes sugar-browning, we showcase a classic full-bodied style of coffee while still leaving room for the uniqueness of each origin to show through. Seasonally updated like the rest of our offerings, with the same transparency we have based our reputation on.

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Guatemala Las Moritas

First cultivated by the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research back in 1958, Pacamaras are a hybrid varietal characterized by their large bean size, high production yields, and resistance to both disease and adverse climate conditions. In addition to their extraordinary resilience, Pacamaras are prized the world over for their exceptional sweetness, acidity, and cup complexity. Bolstered by an assertive green apple acidity, Finca Las Moritas' signature cranberry tartness and hibiscus florality coalesce into a singular flavor palette on par with a fine white wine.

cranberrypistachiocotton candy

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